Finance system seen as robust

It was  very pleasing for TANI Finance Director, Joanne McCune, to learn on the 2nd August that TANI's financial systems had been awarded a 'ROBUST' rating following a review and audit of TANI's procedures and policies as part the Sport NI's Financial Systems Control Assessment.  

This not only is a mark of competence for TANI but also eases the vouching termms and conditions for future funding.

TANI has started the process for obtaining the Foundation Level of the Quality Standard.   Caroline Askew (TANI Child Protection and Equality Officer ) and Bertie Nicholson (Company Secretary) met with Edel Cosgrove (Sport NI) to discuss how we might do this.


It is important for TANI because Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Equality Act 1998 requires TANI, while carrying out its functions, to have:


1. Due regard to the need to promote equality of opportunity between persons of different religious belief, political opinion, racial group, age, marital status, sexual orientation, men and women generally, persons with a disability or persons without, and persons with dependants and persons without;


2. Regard to the desirability of promoting good relations between persons of different religious belief, political opinion, and racial group.

Sport Northern Ireland’s Equality Scheme sets out how we intend to comply with these duties, including the screening of policies for equality implications, conducting equality impact assessments, maintaining a register of organisations and individuals with whom we will consult in respect of equality of opportunity.


If you have any suggestions or queries please contact Caroline on

Sport NI consultative evening with NGBs

Held on Thursday  28th January 2016 in the Malone Lodge Hotel, Belfast the  aim of the evening  was to consult with NGBs on SNI's approach to and opportunities for future investment in the development of sports, including Taekwondo.  SNI explained:


·        SNI's approach to working to support sport in the development of  organisations and the achievement of Sport NI objectives, including:  

-           SNI values, principles and priorities guiding our investment

-           taking an approach grounded in what SNI have learned  in working with you over many years and in particular the last three years  and retaining what evidence shows us is working  while letting go of those things not working

·         Business activities likely to attract investment including;

-          The sporting workforce – people development

-          Governance including improving equality and good relations, anti-doping and leadership

-          Performance Systems enabling the establishment and embedding of pathways from community to high performance level;  performance curves accelerating athlete improvement (Performance Foundations); support for potential and medal  winning athletes including means to identify athletes with medal potential;  support of athletes progressing through agreed milestone events; support for individual athlete preparation and competition programmes; and

provision of integrated specific performance support services to medal potential athletes through Sport NI’s Sports Institute.

·         The type of  documentation expected  to be able to evidence to assist us in potential  investment options/decisions. Most sports currently have this documentation. Typically documentation will include:

-          A Strategic Plan for our Sport    

-          A  performance plan linked to the overall plan for our sport

-          An implementation plan aligned with your sport’s strategy  

·         A timeline governing the investment process with clear expectations from your organisation in terms of what is needed and by when


It is up to TANI clubs now to advise what they want to see in TANI's        4 year development plan.



Anti-Bullying Week

TANI fully supports all activities to end bullying.  We would encourage all TANI clubs to register via to support the campaign locally in their own setting.


As well we are asking clubs to distribute the attached anti-bullying posters within their clubs.


TANI will have well known Taekwondo individuals promoting the anti-bullying campaign by tweeting or photo opportunities during Anti-Bullying Week which this year runs from 16th-22nd Nov .


Bullying behaviour is currently defined as “repeated use of power, by one or more persons, intentionally to harm, hurt or adversely affect the rights or needs of another or others”. (NI Anti-Bullying Forum). It can take many forms, but the 3 main types are;


• physical (e.g. hitting, kicking, theft),

• verbal (e.g. racist, homophobic or sectarian remarks, threats, name-calling) and

• emotional (e.g. isolating an individual from the activities and social acceptance of his peer group).




TANI is pleased to annonce the new TANI Board of Directors for 2015-2016:


Chairman: Mr Keith Farrell

Vice Chair: Mrs Toni Maguire

Company Secretary: Mr Bertie Nicholson

Finance Director: Mrs Joanne McCune

Child Protection & Equity: Mrs Caroline Askew

Anti-Doping: Mr Gareth McAvoy


We wish them all the very best in their roles.


TANI coaches complete their Level 2 PPCS coaching assessment

Nine coaches from various clubs within TANI undertook their practical coach assessment in their third session of the 1st4sport Level 2 Principles and Preparations of Coaching Sport qualification.


TANI is recognised as a delivery centre for this qualification and Tutor/Assessors Keith Farrell and Bertie Nicholson were pleased with the general standard of coaching capabilties displayed through the 7 hours on Sunday 24th May in Loughmoss Centre, Carryduff.

Gareth McAvoy, who has been attending all the sessions, advised that the eventual outcome of the Concussion Forums is going to be an online universal set of guidelines/pathway for Identifying concussion and safe return to play for all sports, Schools, Parents GPs and other medical staff to refer to.  The website/app is due to be finished in the next two months.


It still leaves the problem of who do you go to for professional medical assessment? Which fits into any Return to Play.   One of the GPs who attended the Forum said that because GPs aren’t specifically trained to advise athletes about return to play after concussion, they are likely to suggest going to A & E, who are then likely to say that you shouldn’t be there if symptoms are not severe.

Reference was made to the “Zurich” guidelines on concussion which are to be revised this year in Berlin.

The Zurich guidelines were driven strongly by all the top professional sports such as football, rugby etc. which would encourage getting players returning to play as soon as possible. 


Sport NI Concussion Forum