Taekwondo is both an ancient Korean martial art, dating back to 37BC, and also a modern combat sport.


Literally Taekwondo means WAY (Do) of FOOT (Tae) and FIST (Kwon) and is a dynamic, efficient, battlefield proven art, having been used by Korean special forces in the Vietnam and Korean wars.


Nowadays it is just as likely to be seen on the many martial art movies or poorly copied by the 'new' aerobic fitness classes.



Is Taekwondo any use for self-defence? Very much so yes. A self-defence syllabus has been designed to meet almost every eventuality.


Taekwondo does not involve many ‘judo’ throws or arm locks,which we feel are too slow and  dependent on your size, to deal with two or more attackers, which unfortunately seems to be the norm on the streets nowadays. We train in this 'hard ’style martial art to deliver fast, powerful, blows with our hands, elbows, feet, and knees to allow us to hit and run!


Olympic & Commonwealth & International Combat Sport


Because of its worldwide popularity Taekwondo is an Olympic, Commonwealth International combat sport and is the only martial art to enjoy this recognition. 


The philosophy of TANI is to promote health, physical well-being and the acquisition of physical skill development through Taekwondo.


The overall aim of TANI is to be the most successful martial art and combat sport in Northern Ireland.


The objectives of TANI are to:


1.   maximise the  popularity of Taekwondo.


2.   strengthen our ability to support medal winning  performers.


3.   offer support to club instructors.